The new common solutions which will be developed in the project include the development of shared mobile and non-mobile awareness-generating tools and resources digital tools and resources within existing Natura 2000 sites to promote their correct and sustainable enjoyment.  A needs and gaps analysis, a SWOT analysis and a sustainable enjoyment/exploitation implementation plan will be developed for both Sicilian and Maltese NATURA 2000 sites prior to the actual commencement of the proposed activities, ensuring a harmonised approach for both flanks of the Malta-Sicily Channel.  The flagship activity of the CORALLO project is the engagement of a resource-packed boat to conduct awareness-generating activities in a transboundary fashion, by promoting direct physical exchanges of end-users between Sicilian and Maltese shores. CORALLO makes extensive use of cutting-edge technology to inspire end-users about the living assets of the targeted Natura 2000 sites and also aims to appeal to as wide a spectrum of end-users as possible through the inclusion of the gaming approach and other ICT-based tools, such as underwater CCTV and virtual reality. Besides being smart, the growth proposed is also sustainable (gives ownership to site managers) and inclusive (involves all Natura 2000 site end-users).